Tacoma Dodge really enjoys our partnership with Vadis. They are dedicated to helping Patrick succeed and their follow up has been fantastic. Patrick is a hard worker whose personality goes on for miles. We look forward to many more years of his employment.
Mike Dale
Service Manager Tacoma Dodge

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Every business is different; the need for a team of hardworking dedicated employees is universal. Often, knowing where to look for the right job candidate can be quite an undertaking. At Vadis, we are all about employing solutions. Matching your business with the best candidate is one of the many ways we assist in meeting your business needs.

Recruit with Vision. Incorporating diversity and innovation are easy when employing solutions with Vadis. Candidates are matched to your specific needs. Costs associated with hiring are reduced. Learn more about the candidate before the hiring decision.

Reduce Labor Costs.The work of high-paid employees is optimized. Payroll expenses, overtime, and temporary labor costs are lowered

Enhance your Community Image. Innovative businesses recognize the value of social capital. Your customers will appreciate your efforts to contribute to the community.

Increase Production and Sales. Vadis offers creative ideas to enable skilled employees to concentrate their expertise on production, sales, and customer service.

Profit from a Diverse Workforce. Diversity increases morale and enhances teamwork. It feels good to be a part of changing the life of a co-worker.

We are proud of our long history assisting businesses that recognize the advantages of employing people with disabilities. Today, we work with over 100 businesses each year in Pierce and King Counties.

Vadis has been providing superior service and solution oriented practices as an incorporated business in Washington since 1979.

Vadis services are offered at no cost to you or the job candidates.

If you are interested in further information about Vadis services, you may contact:

For Pierce County click on Karen or call 253.863.5173 ext. 228

For King County click on Bonnie or call 425.264.0888 ext. 203

For Kitsap County click on Deanna or call 360-516-6484


For an informative article on employing people with autism, click here.